ABC NorCal is a member-lead association governed by various volunteer committees and an elected Board of Directors representing the communities we serve. The following leadership opportunities allow members to expand their role within the association and take part in the decision-making process.

Board of Directors
ABC NorCal’s Board of Directors jointly oversees the entire organization. Board members work with the executive team to set the chapter’s strategic direction and ensure business efficiency and mission alignment. They also appoint various committee members and trustees.

Benefit Trust
The Benefit Trust Fund is an employee benefit plan for ABC NorCal apprentices and members. Trustees oversee plan administration and ensure that funds are used appropriately and responsibly.

Training Trust 
The Training Trust Fund is an employee benefit plan established to accept and distribute contributions for the training of apprentices and other craft persons. Trustees safeguard all training contributions and ensure that they are used appropriately and responsibly.

Unilateral Apprenticeship Committee (UAC)
The UAC is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Apprenticeship Rules & Regulations and Standards which include recruitment and selection of new apprentices, supervising the training of apprentices and their advancement through the program, ensuring apprentices’ proper on-the-job training and school attendance, and also imposing penalties due to violation of program rules.

Board of Directors

Central Coast Regional Council Chair

East Bay Regional Council Chair

South Bay Regional Council Chair

Fresno Regional Council Chair

Capital Action Council Chair

Unilateral Apprenticeship Committee (UAC)

Training Trust Fund

Benefit Trust Fund