The June 3rd primary election gives us all a chance to influence change. And in memory of poet, playwright, civil rights activist and professor, Dr. Maya Angelou who passed away earlier this week, "If you don't like something, change it."

ABC NorCal is fortunate to have a number of local and state representatives who support our principles running for office. Probably echoing your high school civics teacher here, but we want you to be an informed voter. You don't have to do hours of research, but we highly encourage you to know and understand what is on the ballot, how it might impact you and how you feel about it.

Okay, lecture over.

Seriously though, we have created a handy Candidates Who Support ABC NorCal guide and posted information about critical races on our website at to help you.

And while we have your rapt attention, we are going to call attention to three ballot specifics. One is for Contra Costa County, another is for Assembly District 16 and the final is for Assembly District 25. (Now, don't turn off simply because you don't live in those areas. Races are often won by grassroots efforts and your word of mouth is very powerful.)

1. Measure E for Contra Costa Community College District - vote NO
Measure E promises $450M in much needed school construction, BUT  is missing critical language that secures equal opportunity for you and your friends, family members and neighbors in construction. It is flawed as it is and therefore we ask you to vote no.

>> Check out our educational Measure E mailer to Contra Costa voters

2. Catharine Baker for Assembly District 16
District 16 includes a chunk of Contra Costa County (along the 680 corridor and Highway 4 East), the Tri Valley and parts of the Central Valley. Catharine Baker brings a fresh perspective to a state Legislature needing change and supports our principles of fair and open competition. Her candidacy is also endorsed by The Contra Costa Times.

3. Armando Gomez for Assembly District 25
District 25 includes Fremont and Milpitas, as well as, most of Santa Clara County. The current Milpitas city councilman and budget director for San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed recently toured our training facility to gain a better understanding of what we are about. Armando Gomez supports our principles and pension reform and like The Mercury News we would like to have him in the fall runoff.

For more recommendations, visit

Politics is not something everyone loves and it has gotten really ugly out there, but we all have a stake in Tuesday's election. So brush up on your ballot knowledge and get your vote on!

Megan Kilkenny is the Communications Director for Associated Builders and Contractors Northern California.