Electrician Trainee Course Catalog

How it works

Electrician Trainee (ET) classes are conducted via live webcast. You can "attend" class from the comfort of your home, office or other remote location. You just need to have a computer that meets the specifications, high speed internet and a sound card.

Once you have signed up for a specific course, you will receive the class-specific URL, an assigned login and password and participation instructions.

You will need to also participate in occasional on-site classroom training sessions. Depending on the course, you may take your exams online or in-person. Final exams tend to be online.

Note: The ET enrollment and initial class tuition fees are nonrefundable and do not qualify for refunds under the ABC NorCal refund policy.


Electrical Continuing Education and/or Journeyman  

List of All Continuing Education Offerings 


2 Day Test Preparation Course - General or Residential

Basic Motor Control 

Electrical Exam Preparation - Live Webinar


LWC-101 Basic Electrical Series

LWC-102 Basic Electrical Series

LWC-103 Basic Electrical Series

LWC-104 Basic Electrical Series

Intermediate Electrical Series

LWC-201 Intermediate Electrical Series

LWC-202 Intermediate Electrical Series

LWC-203 Intermediate Electrical Series

LWC-204 Intermediate Electrical Series


LWC-301 Advanced Electrical Series

LWC-302 Advanced Electrical Series

LWC-303 Advanced Electrical Series

LWC-304 Advanced Electrical Series

Electrical Journeyman Prep Series

LWC-401 Introduction to Basic Motor Controls  

LWC-402 Electrical Troubleshooting

LWC-403 Introduction to Foremanship Skills

LWC-404 2008 Test Preparation Course for the California State Certification Exam 

Online (with multiple tests to submit) Courses

Mike Holt Enterprises: NEC Code Update & Grounding vs. Bonding

Understanding NEC Requirements for Solar Photovoltaic Systems Home Study (DVD Based) (16 hours)