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Length: 60 Minutes
Speakers: Nat Peniston, Vice President, The Contractors Plan

Webinar Description 
When workers receive prevailing wage fringe benefits, traditional "standard" self-funded plans are generally not compliant. For instance, a core tenet of prevailing wage is the "irrevocable contribution" of fringe dollars, but how can that coincide with a self-funded plan whose purpose is to pay claims as incurred? In this webinar, we will review the compliance challenges of prevailing wage and how to satisfy them.

Presented by ABC’s Strategic Partner – The Contractors Plan 

This Webinar Is Designed To:
Review prevailing wage fringe benefit compliance tenetsDiscuss ways to satisfy compliance obligationsReduce costs from "double dipping" employer fringes and health benefits

Who Should Attend:
Executive management (CEO, CFO, etc.)
Human Resources professionals
Financial management professionals