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Length: 60 Minutes
Speakers: Nat Peniston, Vice President, The Contractors Plan

Webinar Description
Construction, as an industry, has the second lowest rate of offering a retirement plan exceeding only Agriculture. Construction firms who offer a retirement plan struggle with enrolling employees and meeting ratios of participation for line workers vs. "highly compensated executives" and owners. 

This webinar will review a number of approaches and methodologies to enhance enrollment and participation. As with safety, estimating and other priorities there are contractors who are efficient and effective resulting in success and others who lack effective processes resulting in missed opportunities that detract from profitability. 

Presented by ABC’s Strategic Partner – The Contractors Plan 

This Webinar Is Designed To:
•Explain ways to grab the attention of employees
•Educate employees on why to participate
•Increase employee participation in qualified plans
•Enhance employee retention

Who Should Attend:
•Business owners
•Human Resources professionals
•Financial management professionals