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Length:60 Minutes
Speakers:Chris Singerling, Senior Director, Political AffairsBen Brubeck, Vice President of Regulatory, Labor and State Affairs

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Which party will prevail in the battle for control of Congress on Nov. 6? Is a blue wave imminent, and will Democrats regain control of the House and Senate? Or will Republicans buck Beltway insiders’ dire predictions by maintaining a House majority and adding seats to their slim Senate majority? Republicans are also defending control of 67 of 99 state legislatures and 33 governorships, which will shape policy and congressional redistricting following the 2020 census. 

With the 2018 midterm elections roughly a month away, get insights from ABC National government affairs experts and learn how you can help defend merit shop majorities at the state and federal level. See what ABC is doing to protect your business and employees from the threats of anti-free-enterprise lawmakers. Hear why the critical midterm elections may determine the political success of one party for a generation and learn which states are likely to enact policy changes that will impact your corporate strategies and the merit shop contracting community.