Electrician Trainee

What is an Electrician Trainee?
An electrician trainee (ET) is someone who does not qualify to take the state certification exam  they lack the necessary experience or related instruction, but who has legally registered with the state to perform electrical work for a C-10 contractor.

Program Benefits
  • Compliance with state law. Simply put, you will be legal to do electrical work in California.
  • Convenient and flexible program. You can work during the day and take your classes at night from the convenience of your home.
  • Affordable. Classes average about $370.
  • Comprehensive program. The program takes you through the basics to intensive state exam preparation.
  • Start where you want. You determine the order and progression of your classes. You can pick your classes based on the material you need instruction in.
  • You get hands-on instruction too. A class may have 1-2 scheduled hands-on workshops. They are typically on Saturdays so they don't interfere with your work schedule.
This program is great for:
  • Individuals who work during the day and can dedicate some of their evenings to classes and course work.
  • Someone who is self-driven and likes setting his/her own learning pace.
  • Someone who is comfortable with technology-based instruction.

Getting Started

Step One: Enroll with ABC NorCal
Step Two: Register with the state
  • Complete the state registration form. Our “school number” is 154.
  • Staple a copy of the ABC NorCal enrollment confirmation letter to your completed state registration form and mail both to the address below. Be sure to include the state’s $25 registration fee (check or money order).
Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
Attn: Electrician Certification Unit
PO Box 511286
Los Angeles, CA 90051-7841
  • When your packet is processed, the state will send you a letter confirming your state-registered Electrician Trainee status. This letter will also include your tracking or “T-number" and trainee card.

Course Catalog

You can take these courses from the comfort of your home or office if you have high speed internet, a sound card and your computer meets the specifications for the course.

  • GW-101 Basic Electrical Series
  • GW-102 Basic Electrical Series
  • GW-103 Basic Electrical Series
  • GW-104 Basic Electrical Series
  • GW-201 Intermediate Electrical Series
  • GW-202 Intermediate Electrical Series
  • GW-203 Intermediate Electrical Series
  • GW-204 Intermediate Electrical Series
  • GW-301 Advanced Electrical Series
  • GW-302 Advanced Electrical Series
  • GW-303 Advanced Electrical Series
  • GW-304 Advanced Electrical Series
  • GW-401 Introduction to Basic Motor Controls  
  • GW-402 Electrical Troubleshooting
  • GW-403 Introduction to Foremanship Skills

ELECTRICIAN TRAINEE COURSES FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS (Programa de Electricistas en la Formacion en Espanol y Ingles)


List of All Continuing Education Offerings

Renewing Your State Certification

  • You will need the following information to accompany your state renewal application:
    • Copies of transcripts or documents showing approved schooling completed during the prior year. 
    • ABC NorCal Electrical Trainees: Contact us at 925.960.8506 for this documentation. If you have not completed approved curriculum classwork within the past three months, visit the Course Catalog and sign up for a class today.
    • The name of your current employer in the electrical industry.
    • The amount of on-the-job (OJT) experience acquired during the prior year.
  • The state DAS will confirm your renewal application or inform you via mail if it is deficient within 90 days of receipt.
  • Complete and return the state Electrical Trainee renewal form before your anniversary date (ie. the expiration date on your state Electrician Trainee card) in order to remain legal to work.

Forms, Policies & Resources

Listed in alphabetical order in each section.



ABC NorCal Electrician Trainee Program Enrollment 
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Class Makeup Request 
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Refund Request
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Class Makeup Policy
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Lab Safety Policy
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Student Participation Policy
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ABC NorCal Student Handbook
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CA Department of Industrial Relations (DIR)
Click here to look up your state registration expiration date or your T-number.



CA Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) 
Click here to view additional frequently asked questions about electrical certification.



Electrician Certification Unit
For questions about your state certification application, status or renewal.
ECUinfo@dir.ca.gov  | (p) 510.286.3900 




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